Care and well-being in every aspect

Gerardo Russillo Lab offers a complete and high-quality service, which ranges from cutting and coloring services carried out with top-of-the-range brands to exclusive treatments tailored to the needs of the individual and hair, make-up services, cosmetics treatments for eyelashes, eyebrows, face, beauty rituals for hands and feet and much more.



Behind every Lab’s work, there is a careful study that comes from observing the client, her lines, and her personality. Gerardo Russillo knows that the image of a woman reflects her way of being.

Whatever the occasion, a change of look, or a new hairstyle, each client has a highly specialized team that, through cutting and styling, can interpret their expectations at best, going beyond today’s trends.

  • WOMAN HAIRCUT (Senior Staff) - 50€
  • BRUSHING - 35€
  • HAIRSTYLING Advice and creation of the perfect hairstyle for each client - 110€
  • BRIDE (upon consultation)



Color is that style detail that makes the difference. Hair coloring is another area where Gerardo Russillo is a master. Making the hair bright, with natural shades and delicate shades, is the primary goal.

  • COLOR Hair coloring treatment - 85€
  • EXPRESS COLOR Treatment that combines quality and speed - 100€
  • BLEACH BATH Treatment aimed at binding pigments to natural, colored, or bleached hair, which corrects its chromatic range - 55€
  • MECHES Light effects to illuminate the hair made by selecting specific hair strands to create sharp color contrasts - 140€
  • BALAYAGE Light effect that brings brightness to the face through lightening. The product is applied from the lengths to the ends, with an effect that is amplified towards the ends - 120€
  • TONER - 25€
  • HIGHLIGHTERS Pigment bath to illuminate the hair by bringing reflections and shades - 55€
  • EXTENSIONS/THICKNESS (upon consultation) Application of extensions (Great Lengths Hair High Quality) to thicken or lengthen the hair
  • TRESSAGE - 180€
  • PICKLING - 50€
  • HENNÈ - 85€



The best treatment is the one tailor-made for you. Gerardo and his team use brands with high standards of quality and avant-garde to always guarantee the well-being and protection of the hair.

  • POLISHER LAB Semi-coloring treatment, created for pregnant women. Plumps and seals the hair, making it shiny with a foil effect - 70€
  • RECONSTRUCTOR LAB  Collagen and hyaluronic acid treatment for total hair regeneration; the hair structure will be reconstructed, fortified as if it had never undergone treatments - 70€
  • BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT  Anti-frizz treatment up to 12 weeks, 0% formaldehyde - 240€
  • BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT SPLIT END REPAIRING SOLUTION Perfecting treatment for lengths with bio marine active ingredients
  • OLAPLEX  Multifunctional, anti-breakage treatment, allows to do very invasive work, without damaging the hair - 70€
  • SCULP SCRUB - 70€
  • MASK - starting from 25€




Hair & Beard

A man’s appearance is the mirror of his personality and character: this is why it is essential to take care of your look and take care of yourself. In the salon, we will guide you in choosing the ideal cut to enhance your style. In addition, you will find the essential products for hair care, those for the finish, and beauty gestures to be adopted to make hair and beard stronger and shiny.

  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR’S MEN’S HAIRCUT Pre-cut shampoo, haircut and final wash, styling with the best products (Davines, Oribe, Claus Porto or Alterna) - 45€
  • MEN’S HAIRCUT (Senior Staff) Pre-cut shampoo, haircut and final wash, styling with the best products (Davines, Oribe, Claus Porto or Alterna) - 35€
  • LUXURY SHAVING Pre-shave, warm cloth, soaping, and first pass, further soaping and second pass to finish the perfect shave, final warm cloth, and massage with products Davines, Oribe, Claus Porto or Alterna - 15€
  • SCISSOR SHAPED BEARD CUT Comb and scissors will shape the beard. Then pre-shave on the neck and cheeks with a warm cloth. Soaping and razor shaping, followed by an aftershave massage - 15€
  • BEAR REGENERATION (long and short) Essential for a soft, fragrant, and comfortable beard. It consists of washing the beard with a delicate shampoo and specific oil interspersed with two warm cloths and a detangling massage
  • MAN COLOR Natural color that enhances the look - 50€


Beauty for hands, feet, make-up

  • MANICURE Beauty ritual dedicated to the hands with cuticle removal, nail filing and application of moisturizing products for skin and nails - 25€
  • PEDICURE Beauty ritual dedicated to the feet with cuticle removal, nail filing and application of moisturizing products for skin and nails - 45€
  • NAIL POLISH APPLICATION to choose from the different colors present in the salon - 12€
  • POLISH CHANGE Removal of the previous product and application of the new one chosen from the different nuances present in the salon - 15€
  • NAIL RECONSTRUCTION - starting from 10€
  • LASH LIFT a semi-permanent lift and curl of your natural lashes, made by bending your natural lashes over a curved silicone shield and applying a perming solution, a lash technician can set the shape of your natural lashes into an upward and realistic curl - 60€
  • LASH TINT Ideal treatment for clients who need longer lashes, more intense eyes and ease of execution. The tint for the eyelashes takes about 30 minutes and remains on for many weeks without the need for any special care - 25€
  • EYEBROW COLOR Technical treatment aimed at making the eyes more intense, using very natural products and nuances, selected according to the color of the eyes and hair
  • MAKE UP FLASH - 60€
  • MAKE UP LUXURY Complete makeup for special occasions - 90€


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