A special, creative, refined place

Gerardo Russillo’s salon is located in the center of Rome, a few meters from Piazza del Popolo, it is a special, creative, and refined place.

Gerardo Russillo Lab is a real Beauty Laboratory, specialized in the care and beauty of hair, make-up, face, and nail technician.

Gerardo and his staff take care of the image of their customers in every single aspect and the result is an accurate and personalized image for a timeless charm.

Gerardo Russillo Lab, a moment of well-being away from the urban frenzy

Attention to detail, discretion, and the high quality of services are the trademark of the Lab.

Gerardo Russillo’s Lab is the perfect place to indulge in a moment of well-being, away from the urban frenzy, thanks to the attention and extreme care of the team, always ready to listen and satisfy the customer’s needs. Styling through your hair is an incredibly intimate experience that must take place in the name of relax.

This is why Gerardo welcomes customers in a cozy salon where, between tasting an herbal tea and reading a magazine, they are accompanied on the path that best suits their needs.

The decision to place the salon in an apartment in the historic center of Rome reflects the desire to ensure an intimate and exclusive atmosphere where they can pamper their customers.

Gerardo Russillo Lab guarantees wellness-center-level treatments right from the washing with head wash stations characterized by comfortable armchairs with a massaging backrest and a reclining seat for special pampering. However, simply calling them washes would not give credit to the workstations chosen not only for the design but also for the ergonomic shape.

All of the steps must be a treat for customers.

The salon - Gerardo Russillo Lab

Gerardo Russillo Lab a multisectoral design space

The salon is characterized by a design of the spaces with attention to minor details and refined furnishings that guarantee a relaxing, exclusive and sophisticated experience. The choice of every single detail reflects the personality of its founder and his elegant aesthetic vision.

The multisectoral environment offers a complete experience in which to have the best in each of the numerous services offered: not only hair care, well-being and beauty services, but also an exclusive boutique where you can buy products to continue the beauty experience at home.

In addition, the Lab offers capsule collections of home decor and fashion accessories chosen from exclusive Made In Italy artisan brands.

Gerardo Russillo Lab is therefore configured as a space for interaction, beauty and well-being, taking care of every step of the beauty path.