Gerardo Russillo: an art scientist

While studying chemistry in college, Gerardo began to investigate the visual and performing arts. While doing so, he discovered the world of hairstyling. He was fascinated by the possibility of bringing out his inspiration and creative verve to the point of making that his profession. Soon he also specialized in make-up art, in which Gerardo’s creativity is expressed at the highest levels, in cosmetics and artistic perfumery.

Founder and Creative Director of Gerardo Russillo Lab

In 2012 he founded his salon with the main objective to enhance the beauty of each single client.

Listening and empathic skills allow him a deep understanding of the client’s needs, essential skills in ‘tailor-made’ advice. Interpreting the soul of those in front of him is his vocation, understand desires and make her/him happy his mission.

His special features? Tireless researcher of the cutting-edge methodologies, always curious to experiment with new high-performance products from brands from all over the world, extreme perfectionist and innovator.

Hair Stylist and Trainer

His deep knowledge in hair styling, the world of makeup, and wellness means that Gerardo takes care of his clients’ image in every aspect.

His varied background means that he deals with image consultancy in the salon and fashion sets.

Furthermore, since 2012 Gerardo has also been an international educator, as the Italian representative for Oribe, a top-of-the-range company for the creation of innovative and performing hair products of the highest level.